Get Involved: Suggest a Shirt!

Football is all about identity.

From the first organised games on the green fields of England’s elite schools, to the World Cup final and the tennis ball street soccer we played as kids; we have needed to identify one team from the other.

If we’re passionate about football, we choose to represent something when we wear those colours. We might represent our country, our city, our neighbourhood, our family, our friends.

There’s no getting away from it, football is tribal and we identify ourselves by our colours.

Sartorial Soccer is all about sharing our memories and passion for football through the colours we wear that define our identities.

There have been many millions of ways football fans have shown their colours from rosettes to replica kits, and each time a goal is scored, each time a trophy is lifted or a team is relegated, the colours of those kits are scorched into our memories.

Some of the best stories we’ve covered on Sartorial.Soccer have come from fellow football shirt fans and we would dearly love to hear your memories of the kits you’ve either loved or hated.

We want to see your suggestions for:

Classic Kits

Crap Kits

Your Favourite Five Kits

Kit of the Week

Classic Crests

They can be new kits or old kits, club kits or international.

Tell us about the heroes and villains, the moments of agony and ecstasy, and the way those colours make you feel.

Whether you want to submit a full article, a picture or simply a suggestion we would love to hear from you.

So over to you, get involved!

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1 thought on “Get Involved: Suggest a Shirt!

  1. Hi!

    For the classic kits, Id love you to talk about South Africa 92/4 or 94/6, Jamaica 94 (Lanzera/Kappa) or Spain 96 😉

    Lovely page!



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