Not All Black & White for Juventus

Juventus have confirmed they will ditch their famous black and white stripes next season, in favour of a half and half design that sees pink make a return to their home colours.

Launched with a film which tells the world to “BE THE STRIPES,” Juventus have done exactly the opposite.

To the chagrin of Juventus fans and traditionalists everywhere, Adidas’ design sees i bianconeri part with their iconic black and white stripes for half and half kits separated by a thin line of shocking pink.

The pink clearly relates to Juventus’ early kits worn prior to the famous gift from Notts County that became one of football’s most instantly recognisable, and successful looks.

Here’s the thing.

These shirts are not aimed at satisfying Juve’s established fan base.

These shirts are designed with one intention in mind and that is to sell more shirts.

Juventus, 2019/20, shirt, Adidas
Juventus’ 2019/20 shirts by Adidas

As a club named after the Latin word for youth but nicknamed the Old Lady, Juventus’ constant battle off the pitch is to maintain tradition and heritage whilst attracting new supporters in rich new markets.

All very obvious really and of course Adidas and Juventus know exactly what they are doing. Shirts that shock supporters sell in vast numbers.

Despite securing an unprecedented 8th consecutive Serie A title this season, Juventus are playing catch up with European football’s elite from a revenue and investment perspective.

Juventus, Pink, Shirts, 1897-1898
Juventus line-up in their original kits of pink shirts and an array of snazzy neckwear.

There’s no two ways about it, for Max Allegri’s successor and his side to remain competitive in a world of faux Financial Fair Play, the club needs to generate more income and one way to do that is to sell more shirts.

The problem for Adidas is keeping annual kit releases fresh and exciting, and whilst football kit connoisseurs may want to see shirts based on the classic straight stripes worn by Juve heroes like Platini, Baggio and Del Piero, as Barcelona and Nike have shown; variety sells.

Juventus, Sivori, Charles, Boniperi
The “Magical Trio” of Sivori, Charles and Boniperi in a prime example of Juve’s famous black and white stripes

Love them or loathe them, these kits will be collector’s items and sought after by fans old and new, all the way from Italy to India, Ireland to Indonesia.

In recent years the Turin club have moved to a new stadium, unveiled a simplified yet corporate looking bold new badge and allowed Netflix behind the scenes, all moves motivated by the quest to establish new markets, attract new fans and make more money.

Juventus, badge
Juventus swapped their traditional oval badge for the stylised J of their bold and unique new crest in 2017

Depending on your standpoint, these new shirts either represent another radical departure from tradition or they are yet another positive signal of a well run club clearly looking to a sustainable and successful future.

The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo had already opened a vast new income stream for Juventus and although the shirts were debuted in a 2-0 defeat to Serie A rivals Roma, it would take a brave man to bet against these controversial kits being associated with more success in 2019-20.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus, Kit
Cristiano Ronaldo in the light and shade of the new Juve home shirts

Juventus’ legion of fans will need to get used to the kits but results on the pitch will ultimately dictate whether we remember these as crap or classic kits.

What do you think of Juventus’ daring new look?

Please let us know in the comments section below!

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