Foxes’ Taramasalata Template Tops

Leicester City are the latest club to gamble that when it comes to persuading fans to part with their cash, pink is the new black.

Leicester City’s pair of new away kits (no 3rd kit here) were released this week with the designs in “true pink” and a shade of grey so dark it’s black, being well-received by Foxes fans; even if they do have a slightly familiar look about them.

Leicester City, Adidas, Pink
Leicester’s new away kits will be worn by all teams from the King Power stadium

That’s because the kits Adidas have furnished the Foxes with, follow two of the firm’s off-the-peg “teamwear” design templates, and as popular as they may turn out to be, there are certainly those who would prefer to see more imagination and creativity behind the 2015-16 Premier League Championsoutfits.

The process and lead time for major manufacturers means that shirt designs are usually finalised around a year ahead of release, so when Leicester began preparing their 2019-2020 releases, Germany’s 2018 World Cup shirt was very much the height of footballing fashion.

Hamza Choudhury, Leicester City, Adidas, Away Kit
Leicester and England u21 prospect Hamza Choudhury in the Foxes’ first pink kit

Love them or loathe them, there’s nothing new about designs where the only difference from one top to another is the colour and badge on the chest.

Some of football’s all-time classic shirts including the brilliant orange of Holland’s 1988 kit were so-called templates, but their proliferation in the 2000s, leading up to a low-point for football kit enthusiasts at Euro 2016, has led to a backlash from fans.

Jamie Vardy, new Leicester away kit
Jamie Vardy in Leicester’s grey away shirt

A generation ago, clubs releasing shirts in pink and grey would probably have been laughed out of town, but nowadays supporters are far more open to radical designs for their away kits as long as their home shirts follow a familiar pattern.

In fact, football fans crave variety and excitement from their shirts and want to see more in their club’s visual identity than designs from a year ago with their badge sewn on and a sponsor’s logo daubed across the front. Especially at £52 a pop.

Leicester City, pink, away kit
Adidas’ new Leicester City kit follows a template design

There’s no denying that Leicester’s new away shirts both pass the “looks good with jeans” test, the sad part about them is just how accessible and ordinary these catalogue kits are.

Pub teams have been able to order a pink version of the Campeon 2019 template from Adidas for a while now and whilst it may seem like Sartorial Soccer snobbery for us to say so, we just think the Foxes deserve a little more creativity and design flair than the Fox and Hounds.

What do you think of Leicester City’s new away shirts?

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