By The Beard of Jupiter! It’s Roma’s Lightning Bolt Away Kit!

By Jove we love Nike’s new AS Roma away kits.

Inspired by the eternal city of Rome, ancient mythology, and Jupiter, the Roman god of the sky and lightning; the Giallorossi 2019-20 away shirt is another stormer from Nike.

Also known as Zeus in Greek mythology, or as plain old Jove to his friends, Jupiter was king of the gods and his jagged streak of lightning emblem could be seen across the Roman empire.

Roma, away, Nike, Jupiter, lightning
A legendary shirt?

Nike have powerfully positioned that lightning-bolt, striking out across these white shirts in an unconventional sash from left shoulder to right hip in changing shades of red, yellow and orange.

Crimson shorts and white socks complete the kit that some say could well be the best of the summer.

AS Roma, home, Kit, Nike
The lightning bolt also features on Roma’s home shirts

For good order, Nike have also introduced the dynamic device to the trim of Roma’s home shirts in a look that perfectly compliments the club’s colours and identity.

Making football shirts memorable depends as much on the team who wear them as the design itself, but the Giallorossi’ 2019-20 away kit may already be the stuff of legend.

What do you think of AS Roma’s new away kit?

Roma, away, Nike, lightning bolt, Jupiter
Models doing what models do whilst waiting for a bus in Rome. Probably.

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