Quality Kits of 2019: Shades of Yashin for Reds’ Alisson

Goalkeeper kits are too often ignored when it comes to end of year kit compendiums.

This week, Liverpool’s Brazilian keeper Alisson was named as the first recipient of FIFA’s Lev Yashin Trophy for his starring role between the posts for club and country.

Alisson Becker, Liverpool
Liverpool’s Alisson Becker has been voted FIFA’s number 1 ‘keeper

As if predicting the award, given to the FIFA’s goalkeeper of the year at the Ballon d’Or ceremony in Paris; New Balance started what will be their final season at Anfield by decking the Reds’ stopper out in a kit the great Yashin himself would have been proud of.

Right down to his leather gloves, Lev Yashin’s all black goalkeeping kit made him look like a hitman sent to strangle the opposition’s attacking threat.

Lev Yashin, CCCP
The legendary Lev Yashin leads football’s original Red Army out during the 1966 World Cup

Yashin’s heroics between the posts earned the “Black Spider” a reputation among the sport’s all-time greats, whilst the darkness of his iconic look became one of football’s most celebrated international kits.

There are those who say he actually wore a dark, dark navy blue but either way, no light penetrated or reflected from that shirt.

The goalkeeping profession has arguably had to adapt far more to modern football than any other position in the past decade, yet despite seeing the current high watermark of talent; keepers like Mr Alisson Ramses Becker are still overlooked when it’s time to hand out the plaudits.

Liverpool, New Balance, goalkeeper, Alisson
First Choice: New Balance’s 2019-20 Liverpool goalkeeper kit

Liverpool & Brazil’s number 1, has worn an all-black strip with gold details for most of the 2019-20 campaign, flying in the face of logic that dictates that garish goalkeeping attire is best for distracting oncoming strikers.

The innovation of this shirt is in its simplicity.

The world’s best goalkeeper wearing the world’s best goalkeeper kit?

Like everything in football, that depends on the way you view the beautiful game!

Liverpool, New Balance, 2019-2020
Liverpool’s Alisson Becker and chums parade this season’s New Balance home kits
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