Portland Timbers Get Wood

As one of the best of a decidedly average bunch, Portland Timbers new 2020 away kit stands out amid the uniform nature of MLS’ 25th anniversary collection.

Adidas released Portland Timbers away shirt along with new designs for all 26 MLS franchises at a special ceremony this week.

All shirts apart from that of the recently re-branded Chicago Fire feature three bold stripes over the right shoulder as a 1990s throwback to MLS’ foundation.

The thin hoops on Adidas’ 2020-21 Portland Timbers secondary shirt are supposedly influenced by wood

The blurb tells us that like Everton and Marseille before them, the Timbers’ secondary jersey is another football shirt inspired by architecture.

In this case, that would be the Timbers’ downtown Providence Park home, with the thin green hoops meant to evoke the grain of the “wooden structures” seen throughout the stadium.


We believe you.

Portland Timbers trace their lineage back through a number of incarnations to 1975 and the famed North American Soccer League.

The 2020 campaign marks their 10th season in Major League Soccer and the shirt carries a tag to mark the occasion.

Portland Timbers mark 10 MLS seasons

The jersey also features the inscription “Forever Green and Gold” on the inside of the collar and to our eyes, the colours bring to mind the Cork and Kerry mountains, the Temple Bar in Dublin and old County Kilburn.

This is like a little glimpse of what Adidas might do if they were still making Republic of Ireland shirts.

Maybe that’s why we like it!

“Forever Green and Gold”

Portland Timbers updated their badge ahead of the 2019 season with a cleaner, simpler design that retained the key elements of their established crest. 

The axe in the form of a “T” cut its way to the front as the words “Portland Timbers” were dropped from the crest.

The three chevrons representing the NASL, USL and MLS phases of their history are gathered to depict a fir tree, whilst the green symbolises the forests of Oregon.

Portland Timbers’ star represents their 2015 MLS Cup victory

The uniformity of Adidas’ league wide deal is starting to grate on fans in North America, especially when you consider authentic versions of the shirts cost a small fortune.

There are still some tasty looking kits among the templated designs and in our view, the Timbers’ club colours save this shirt, and gives them one of the smartest MLS looks on display for 2020.

The Timbers open their 2020 MLS campaign at home to Minnesota United on March 1.

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