New Iceland Crest Explained

Iceland have unveiled a stunning new badge, full of symbolism and old Norse legend.

Based upon four mythical creatures from folklore that protect Iceland, the brand new crest features stylised representations of a dragon, a bull, a griffin and a giant within a diamond shaped design.

Iceland, new, badge, crest, KSI
Iceland’s new badge

Legend has it that the bull (Griðungur), the griffin (Gammur), the dragon (Dreki), and the rock-giant (Bergrisi) protect the four corners of the country and encourage them to flourish.

The 4 figures are spirits described in Old Norse sagas and pagan tradition known as Landvættir (Land Wights) that feature prominently on the Icelandic coat of arms and can also be found on the back of their coins. 

KSI, Iceland, football, badge, figures
The four guardians of Icelandic legend

In viking times, great efforts were made not to provoke the protectors unnecessarily, including the removal of figureheads from the front of their ships when sailing home to Iceland.

The brand new crest replaces the familiar KSI (an abbreviation of Knattspyrnusamband Íslands – Football Association of Iceland) logo, itself only updated in February 2020 which will remain part of the team’s official branding.

Iceland, Puma, kit, new, badge, crest, KSI
Puma make their Iceland debut

Iceland’s shirts will also be updated as part of a new kit deal with Puma, ending a 20 year association with Erreà who had been due to provide kits for Strákarnir okkar (our boys) at Euro 2020.

In our view this new crest is a vast improvement on the rather stale KSI badge we’ve become accustomed to, and if wearing the 4 figures on Icelandic football shirts protects their players and helps them to flourish on the world stage, then who are we to argue?

The KSI showed examples of the versatility of the new badge

What do you think of Iceland’s new badge?

Please let us know in the comments section below!

Iceland’s old KSI logo will continue to feature on official branding

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  1. Richard Price 01/07/2020 — 9:27 pm

    Every day’s a schoolday!


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