Kit of the Week #76: Doughnuts About Providence City!

Here’s a football shirt that’s so sweet it would have Homer Simpson salivating.

Providence City and Inaria have sprinkled a little joy with the release of their second doughnut themed jersey.

Yes, you read that right!

Providence City’s second “Treat Yo’ Self” shirt was released this week

The amateur side from Rhode Island’s creative capital, Providence, have gained an international support since their foundation in 2015, partly thanks to a string of audaciously artistic kit releases.

The “Treat Yo’ Self” shirt is launched in partnership with PV Donuts, and after last season’s blue/green designs, the Rogues return with a glazed pink shirt to add to their impressive back catalogue (which we recently featured in this special guest article from Garry Bacon).

Good enough to eat?

As well as doughnuts, their shirts have been inspired by beer, coffee and local good causes.

As Providence City support their community, the city of Providence is supporting them back.

The icing on top of this shirt is the fact that the design drips over to the back

Having previously worked with Hummel, this latest collaboration between club founder/designer in chief Jason Rego and Toronto-based custom-kit heroes Inaria (who’s name means “inside the 18 yard box” in Italian); shows that Providence City have definitely found the right creative partner.

We particularly enjoy the contrast between the pale pink sugary sweetness of the colour scheme, those multi-flavoured sprinkles and the Rogues’ menacing skull and crossbones crest.

City’s skull and crossbones badge sits amidst the sprinkles

We don’t doubt that this roguish design will be far too sweet for some to stomach, but we find these tasty little treats irresistible.

Providence City’s 2020 Treat Yo’ Self shirt is available to pre-order from the Rogues’ online shop.

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