Kit of the Week #95: Let’s Hear it for Newport!

You Knows It’s gonna be a big deal when Newport County release a brand new shirt inspired by hometown hip-hop heroes Goldie Lookin’ Chain!

The Exiles will be Burb’d up for the 2021-22 season after the release of this collaboration with the Newport-based collective best known for their 2004 hit, “Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do.”

Newport County, Goldie Lookin' Chain, GLC, Hummel, 2021-22
You Knows It: The GLC and County launch their new 2021-22 third kit

The GLC and County have previous form, dating back to 2004-05 when the rap group sponsored the club’s kit for cup competitions.

Colour clashes limited that shirt’s use to a couple of games in the Conference South but that didn’t stop Errea’s design, complete with its comically, chunky medallion becoming a collector’s piece far beyond South Wales.

Newport have come a long way since then, and the phoenix club have brought league football back to the city and currently operate in League Two.

Still, that doesn’t mean they have to take themselves too seriously does it?

Newport County, Goldie Lookin' Chain, GLC, Errea, 2004-05
The Chain sponsored County’s cup kit back in 2004-05 credit@classicfootballshirts

We have County’s creative director and kit connoisseur Neal Heard and Hummel to thank for bringing us a shirt that perfectly encapsulates that Newport State of Mind the GLC became famous for.

Like Adam Hussein, Eggsy, Mike Balls and the rest of the Chain, this is a shirt that pokes fun at itself whilst having a laugh at modern life and that counterfeit consumer culture around us.

Aping the Burberry check that became ubiquitous on market stalls across the land, this might just be the first predominantly sesame coloured kit seen in the Football League.

This is a football kit which is perfect for a fan base who affectionately call their Rodney Parade home, Dave Parade.

You either knows it or you don’t knows it.

Newport County, Goldie Lookin' Chain, GLC, Hummel, 2021-22
The front and back of the 2021-22 Newport County 3rd shirt by Hummel

That “heritage check” pattern is completed by intertwined red and black diagonals with little GLC logos repeating across the front of the shirt, that features the name of estate agents Fortis, the club’s sponsor across the middle.

The club crest is also modified to present a monochrome affair that blends in with the rest of the shirt.

Newport County, Goldie Lookin' Chain, GLC, Hummel, 2021-22
Hummel’s famed attention to detail continues to the hem

We always enjoy a crossover between football and music, and whilst this may have received mixed reviews from County fans on release, it’s great to see Hummel providing clubs with kit that tell stories of the supporters and communities they represent.

This shirt sold out within hours, but we’d advise keeping an eye on the Newport County online store, you never knows, you might get lucky!

Newport County, Goldie Lookin' Chain, GLC, Hummel, 2021-22
The GLC logo repeats across the sesame and black “heritage check” shirt

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