Kit of the Week #102: Irresistible Iraq by Umbro

Umbro have treated Iraq to a luxurious new kit ahead of the 2021 Asian Cup.

Iraq’s new 3rd shirt features a splendidly opulent black and gold pattern drawn from a collection of ancient Mesopotamian symbols.

Similar to last year’s home and away shirts, Umbro’s design draws on Iraqi culture and the country’s status as a cradle of civilisation.

Iraq, Umbro, 3rd shirt
Iraq’s irresistible new 3rd shirt by Umbro

We see representations of a Babylonian palm to symbolise victory, as well as the walls of the Ishtar Gate, once one of eight great entrances to the inner city of ancient Babylon, now residing in Berlin’s Pergamon Museum.

It’s a credit to the design and colour scheme that Umbro’s own double-diamond taping barely looks out of place on the cuffs amid all that meaning and influence from Iraqi antiquity.

As with their home and away shirts, the back of the collar sees “Iraq” written in Kufic, a traditional Arabic script to complete the design and add another delightful detail.

Iraq, Umbro, 3rd shirt
The back of Umbro’s design and another intricate detail

Iraq’s new 3rd shirt will be worn at the 2021 Arab Cup which begins on 30th November in Qatar, with Iraq drawn to a group alongside Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

The Lions of Mesopotamia will hope for a miracle akin to their 2007 Asia Cup performance, where the unfancied side overcame all odds to lift the regional title in Jakarta.

Iraq, Umbro, 3rd shirt
Umbro’s green home shirt featured a similar pattern of ancient Mesopotamian symbols

Black and gold is a colour scheme that just works and whilst Umbro’s design may come a couple of years on from the height of the trend, this sumptuous shirt has set tongues wagging and drawn many admiring glances from across the world.

All that’s left to say is keep your eyes out for stock coming available at!

Iraq, Umbro, 3rd shirt
Black and gold always works

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