New Kits: 24 Hour Pasty People

PLYMOUTH ARGYLE will rock a smart set of kits for the coming season courtesy of Puma and everyone’s favourite motorway service station heroes, Ginsters.

In one of the best Football League kit releases of the summer, our eyes were drawn to the shirts’ white details and the way the sponsor’s logo, Ginsters, blends perfectly into the design.

Puma, Plymouth, Pilgrims, Home kit

Too many kit designs these days seem to give only an afterthought to the placement of sponsorship, so the harmonious placement of Argyle’s backers onto their new shirts deserves praise indeed.

The fact that the Green Army are supported by a firm from just over the border in Cornwall also makes our hearts sing a little. Remember the days when not every club had to have an online gambling firm as chief sponsor?

The Devon club with a penchant for pastry will wear green and black stripes inspired by the club’s early 1970s shirts at home, whilst their new change colours of green and white quarters might not have to be worn too often.

Plymouth, away kit

Puma deserve credit for producing a crowd-pleasing set of shirts, and let’s hope they give the Pilgrims the rub of the green in League One this season.

Puma, pasties and Plymouth, what’s not to like eh?

Plymouth Argyle, puma, quarters

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