Hatters Bring the Sunshine

League One champions Luton Town marked promotion back to the Championship with the release of their 2019/20 kits by Puma.

Following back-to-back promotions, and with the green light given for a new town-centre stadium, the future looks bright for Hatters fans.

To mark Luton’s first season in the Championship since 2007 as well as the club’s 135th anniversary, Puma have produced a bold set of kits for the Bedfordshire boys.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the retro-fuelled home kit in what we’ve always regarded as Luton’s best colours, orange, white and navy blue.

Luton Town, Home, Kit, Puma, 2019-2020, New
The Hatters’ new home kit

Although based on a template design, the colour scheme works to conjure up images of club legends Ricky Hill, big Mick Harford and the Stein brothers in those iconic Adidas shirts of the 1980s.

Those 80s shirts carried sponsors like Tricentrol and Bedford Trucks and coincided with a time when Luton Town were establishing themselves as a top-flight mainstay, dishing out bloody noses to the big boys on the old plastic pitch at Kenilworth Road.

Whilst there will be those who claim Puma have played a lazy pass to Luton here, we are not anti-template designs per se and think there’s enough likeness to those great Hatters kits of the past to call this a good looking shirt.

Luton Town, Away, Kit, Puma
We’re not sure why there appears to be a maze running through the Hatters away kit either

Puma’s new away kit follows Luton’s other familiar colour scheme of white and blue with a pattern referencing Hatters supporters’ flags.

Luton Town, Puma, Pink, 3rd kit
Luton’s 3rd Kit: Well, at least it’s different . . .

Luton Town’s 3rd shirt is a more unique affair, featuring a chequered navy and pink design in tribute to shirts from the club’s formative years.

Each kit features a graphic honouring Luton’s kit history and if new boss Graeme Jones’ men can play half as well as they did last year, supporters can look forward to another season to remember in English football’s 2nd tier.

Hatters, Kit, History, Luton Town
All three Luton Town shirts feature this tag representing their kit history

What do you think of the Hatters’ 2019-20 kits by Puma?

Please let us know in the comments section below!

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