Kit of the Week #25: Spurs in Champions League Green

It’s so often the case that our association with classic kits centres around big, dramatic footballing memories.

In years to come, when we think of this season, one of the most magical moments we remember will be of Lucas Moura pinballing his way through the Ajax defence to poke Spurs through to their first Champions League final in Madrid.

The pressure of the clock had Tottenham Hotspur chasing 3 second-half goals against a youthful Ajax side the world had fallen in love with after they’d kicked giants Real Madrid and Juventus out of the tournament in previous rounds.

Another Champions League scalp seemed inevitable until Mauricio Pochettino rallied his troops at half-time and a transformed Tottenham reached the final on June 1st thanks to a predatory hat-trick from Lucas Moura.

Tottenham Hotspur, 3rd Kit, Nike
Spurs’ Harry Kane in a promotional shot of the 2018-19 3rd shirt

The kit worn by Moura and Spurs on Wednesday night in Amsterdam, had already had its moment of history in the quarter-finals at Manchester City on an incredible night of drama at the Etihad, but that legendary status was cemented as Ajax’s crestfallen players lay collapsed on the turf at the Johan Cruyff Arena.

Nike’s shirts drew applause on release for their completely bespoke design which in a continuation of a key theme of the US firm’s 2018-19 3rd kits, features a map of Spurs’ corner of North London printed across their chest.

Tottenham Hotspur, Spurs, 3rd kit
The Spurs 3rd shirt features a map of their corner of North London

That colour scheme which we may come to remember as “Etihad” or “Champions League green” and navy blue has already achieved legendary status so don’t be surprised if we see future shirts take their inspiration from this season’s vintage.

If not for the Champions League, our recollections of Spurs’ 2018/19 third kit, would probably have been of that Dele Alli salute celebration at St James’ Park we all tried to recreate.

Tottenham Hotspur, 3rd Kit, 2018-19, Nike, Dele Alli
Dele Alli celebrates an early season goal with a salute at St James’ Park

The end of the season means that night in Amsterdam was probably the last time we’ll see these shirts in action, but for their role in those two incredible nights in Tottenham Hotspur’s Champions League history, Nike’s marine green strips are rightfully recognised as our latest Sartorial Soccer Kit of the Week.

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