Sartorial Soccer: The Best from our Guests

The very best stories we’ve covered on Sartorial.Soccer have come from our friends and guest contributors.

Each football fan has his or her tale of their favourite shirt and what it means to them.

Suggestions from supporters tell so much more than we ever could about the emotional link fans have to their favourite kits and we only wish we had more hands to bring them all to these pages!

Please join us now as we doff our caps, raise a glass and say cheers to all our special Sartorial.Soccer guests from our first year in the game!

We’re working on lots more!

As well as all of those above, we give special thanks to:

Even further than that! There have been so many friends and followers on social media who have contributed ideas for shirts to cover through Twitter and Facebook – Thank You!

If you have a shirt you’d like us to feature on Sartorial.Soccer, we would dearly love to hear your memories of the kits you’ve either loved or loathed.

We want to see your suggestions for:

Classic Kits

Crap Kits

Your Favourite Five Kits

Kit of the Week

Classic Crests

They can be new kits or old kits, club kits or international.

Tell us about the heroes and villains, the moments of agony and ecstasy, and the way those colours make you feel.

Whether you want to submit a full article, a picture or simply a suggestion we would love to hear from you.

So over to you, get involved!

Remember you can connect with Sartorial Soccer on social media:

Follow us on Twitter: @SoccerSartorial

Like us on Facebook: @SartorialSoccer

Sartorial Soccer

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