Kit of the Week #34: Hometown Glory for The ’74

1874 Northwich and local artist Phil Galloway have combined with SK Kits to bring us an artistic representation of the Cheshire town in the form of the club’s new away kit.

Taking inspiration from Northwich landmarks, the light-blue shirts have a hint of classic ’80s Adidas and 1990s Umbro kits about them and certainly live up to the club’s “Ever Glorious” motto.

Designed by contemporary artist Phil Galloway who has previously provided work for the FA and BT Sport amongst a host of commissions, the brief for the away kit was laid out by the club’s fans who specified the colours and features they wanted to see. A panel then approved the finished product and set Bury-based bespoke manufacturers SK Kits into full-swing.

1874 Northwich were founded in November 2012 as a community club, owned and operated by supporters who had become disenfranchised with the way Northwich Victoria had been run.

The ’74 had previously earned props for their tongue-in-cheek kit release hoax which aped a certain online bookmaker and gave fans a glimpse of how the bold new shirts would look.

The Greens’ play their football in the North West Counties League Premier Division and the “1874” name references the history of football in the town and the date when Victoria were formed.

SK Kits have become the go-to brand for bespoke non-league strips and won global praise for last season’s ground-breaking rainbow-shirts for Altrincham FC.

Northwich 1874, Phil Galloway, SK Kits, Away Kit
1874 Northwich’s bold, bespoke away kit by SK Kits

We represent something when we pull on a football shirt and this is a design that understands that.

By going bold rather than playing it safe, 1874 Northwich, Phil Galloway and SK Kits have succeeded in setting the football world talking about how glorious football shirt design can be when it truly connects to the fabric of a club’s community.

UPDATE: 1874 Northwich gave their stunning new away kit its first airing in a 5-0 victory over Charnock Richard on Saturday 17th August.

Northwich 1874, SK Kits, Away, Phil Galloway
Proof of a good shirt comes when the back is just as good as the front

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