Kit of the Week #45: Palace Prepare Juve Statement

It’s a sign of the times that a deconstructed black and white striped Juventus shirt should get the whole football world talking.

Such has been Juventus’ dominance of Serie A in recent seasons that their 2-1 victory over Genoa barely registered a blip of interest in comparison to the surprise 4th shirt worn by Cristiano Ronaldo as he slotted home a last-minute penalty on Wednesday night.

Since this summer’s controversial departure from their traditional kit in favour of a half and half design by Adidas, we have anticipated the return of the famous stripes and the hyperventilation that would trigger in the world of football fashion.

Juventus, Palace, Adidas
Juventus’ new 4th shirt by Adidas & Palace

What we didn’t expect was for the return of the stripes to come so soon or in the form a collaboration with a streetwear fashion label that would further break convention.

The probable one-night-stand partnership between Juventus, Adidas and London based skateboard label Palace, came as a huge surprise, delivering an x-ray style translucency that allowed every neon detail to jump straight off the shirt.
Juve’s principal partners, would have been especially pleased with their logo’s luminous green placement. There’s no hiding away in a harmonised black and white band across the midriff here. The “J” of the Jeep is every bit as prominent as the modern “J” of the Juve badge.

Juventus 4th kit by Palace and Adidas
Skateboard brand Palace help bring the stripes back to Juve

There will always be those who bemoan the release of a 4th kit as being overly commercial, and whilst we would have preferred Juventus to have been brave and saved this Adidas X Palace design for next season’s home shirt; nobody puts a gun to the head of supporters forcing them to purchase everything Cristiano Ronaldo parades around in.

Variety is good.

With football shirts having increasingly shorter life-spans and kit manufacturers having to justify ever larger financial contracts, there’s more pressure on designers to come up with interesting designs that will sell in huge numbers.

As a result we are seeing more and more crossovers from the street to the pitch and we’re very pleased to see Adidas and Palace coming together to take risks with a club as famous as Juventus.

Juventus, Palace, Adidas
Luminous details jump off the shirt

Palace’s own work has long been inspired by football, we’re now seeing football shirts regularly inspired by music, architecture and fashion.

This is not a traditional Juventus shirt by any stretch of the imagination, we’re not even sure if you could describe it so black and white; but this is another fine example of the adventurous, art-form that football kits can be.

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