Saturday Shout-Out: Kit & Bone’s Bolt Shirt

Kit & Bone have released the latest in their Unofficial Replica range of jerseys – and it’s a true celebration of fluorescent football!

The unmissable lightning bolt jersey is designed to celebrate the great acid yellow shirts that have graced the European stage over the last 25 years.

Kit & Bone, replica, kit
Made you look

From mid-nineties Borussia Dortmund to the Ronaldinho era Barca, we all have a classic shirt that this latest Unofficial Replica reminds us of.

In amongst the grey of the city, the human eye is immediately drawn to a flash of brilliant colour like these luscious, luminous shirts and we reckon they will look even better on cold nights under the floodlights.

Kit and Bone, Bony Skeleton
The acid yellow Bolt shirt by Kit & Bone

Kit & Bone are a brand on the up and their Bony skeleton mascot (who recently featured in Match of the Day magazine) takes pride of place on the right hand side of the chest.

There’s so many lovely touches here and we especially like the way Kit & Bone have developed their typography into a smart taping effect down the sleeves.

Bolt, Kit and Bone
Just look at that Kit & Bone taping

The Bolt shirt is available along with the rest of Kit & Bone’s Unofficial Replica series in adult and kid’s sizes so give them a look!

All pictures courtesy of our friends at

Follow them on Twitter at @kitandbone for more football inspired art and apparel!

Kit and Bone, Bony, Unofficial Replica, jersey
The Bolt Unofficial Replica jersey by Kit & Bone
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