Quality Kits of 2019: The Blessed Reunion of Arsenal & Adidas

Let us all take a moment to rejoice at the blessed reunion of Arsenal and Adidas, back together in 2019 after 25 years apart.

Adidas supplied Arsenal for eight glorious years between 1986 and 1994, but such was the success of that period and the association with club legends who wore three stripes on their sleeves; it feels like the two have an eternal link.

Nike took the baton forward for the 1990s, supplying the red corner of North London with iconic kits for the next 2 decades before handing over to the hit and miss era of Puma at the Emirates.

Of course much of Arsenal fans’ adulation for Adidas comes from the Fever Pitch fame of the 1989 title winning season under George Graham, and this season’s home kits have taken us back to those glory days.

Arsenal, Adidas, 2019-2020
Arsenal’s 2019-20 home shirt by Adidas

Whilst these shirts belong to 2019, they clearly draw inspiration from Arsenal’s 1989 vintage and resurrect a clean and classy look for the Gunners.

Thirty years on, the club may have swapped Highbury for the Emirates Stadium but the German firm still understand exactly what is required of a classy, traditional Gunners kit and have delivered a perfect, no-nonsense shirt.

The red shirts with clean white sleeves, red/black outlines and a smart over-lapping collar bring the three stripes back to Arsenal’s shoulders.

Arsenal, Adidas, away kit, Ian Wright
Arsenal away kits old and new

The most famous Arsenal shirt of the last Adidas era was the infamous, yet iconic Bruised Banana away kit and Arsenal fans have a fresh interpretation of that design for the 2019-20 season.

If anything, we feel that Colombia’s 2019 home kit was closer to that club classic away kit, but Adidas’ team of designers were always going to strive for a fresh version of the source material rather than a simple copy/paste.

Arsenal’s third shirt is a far simpler affair in navy blue and yellow. Again, all perfectly designed to appeal to the desires of Gunners fans.

Meanwhile, each shirt tells us to Visit Rwanda and that we should Fly Emirates to get there.

Arsenal 3rd kit by Adidas
Arsenal’s third shirt

Whilst results on the pitch have been lacking of late, Adidas’ return has been hugely popular among the Arsenal faithful with the club having sold vast quantities of kits this year.


The reunion of Arsenal and Adidas was the most hotly-anticipated Premier League kit story of the summer, the question now turns to how they progress beyond these crowd-pleasing kits for 2020-21.

With rumours of darker shades of red doing the rounds on social media, we can’t wait to see some new stories and innovation emerging from next season’s Gunners kits.

What do you make of Arsenal’s trio of 2019-20 kits?

How can Adidas improve on them for 2020-21?

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