Kit of the Week #74: Vicenza Look Good in Jeans

The crossover between fashion and football continued this week, as Vicenza launched their new Diesel designed shirts for the 2020-21 season.

Of course football shirts that “look good with jeans” have been a thing for ages.

Just think of England in grey, Mexico wearing Levi’s at the World Cup in 1978, and Milan’s infamous Pooh Jeans sponsored 1980s shirts.

Serie B outfit Vicenza are owned by the “Jeans Genius” and founder of the Diesel fashion label, Renzo Rosso, and their Lotto produced kits are a natural addition to that list.

Vicenza’s 2020-21 home shirt by Lotto

L.R. Vicenza Virtus to give them their full name, gave the “divine ponytail” Roberto Baggio his start in the game, and their very name reminds us of Sunday afternoons spent in front of Channel 4’s Football Italia back in the 1990s.

These aren’t the first Biancorossi designs to carry the Diesel name but after a promotion-winning season of successful living last-term, Vicenza celebrate their return to Italy’s second tier with home, away and so-called “icon” shirts that may be their most eye-catching yet.

Created by Diesel’s own in-house designers in collaboration with Lotto, the traditional red and white stripes of the home shirt are spun from modern performance fabric, embellished with a neat jacquard pattern, and finished with a smart polo-collar.

Vicenza’s kits for the 2020-21 season include the geometric “icon” shirt

We love the way Vicenza’s badge is raised in what looks like a thick loop of blue thread in a detail that recalls past glories from the 1960s.

The military look of the green & gold away shirt and the disruptive geometrics of that cool icon top will be officially released in the coming months, which only leave us drooling for more.

Thanks go to our friends at Calcio England for making us aware of this audacious collection of kits that further underlines the fact that it’s not only the top clubs who benefit from the Italian passion for football and fashion.

Not to be confused with Vin Diesel

In a season where Inter and Juventus have deviated from their established stripes, perhaps “only the brave” like Vicenza have the confidence to wear theirs with pride.

What do you think of Vicenza’s 2020-21 home shirt by Diesel and Lotto?

Please let us know in the comments section below!

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