Coventry’s City of Culture Shirts

When we saw that Hummel had released a brand new Sky Blues 3rd kit for the 2020-21 season celebrating Coventry being awarded UK City of Culture status for 2021, we knew just the man to turn to for an opinion on the eye-catching new design!

Football shirt collector and avid Sky Blues fan Adi Iliff (follow @Adi_Iliff on Twitter) knows a thing or two about Coventry kits and naturally has one of these on order.

We caught up with him to find out his views on Coventry’s new City of Culture shirt.

Over to you Adi!

The shirt features the “COV” logo of the City of Culture 2021 campaign

Coventry’s City of Culture third shirt will no doubt split fans in their opinion, with some fans saying it’s a little ‘rascal’ and over zealous on the eye.

Others (myself included) adore the hectic & eclectic styling it brings to the fore.

The ripple pattern emanating from under City’s badge signifies Coventry’s status as a 5G test hub and its growing digital economy

Whilst the club currently resides outside of the city (the least we say the better) the inspiration utilised in designing this shirt shows the depth of thought by the club and Hummel, bringing to life some of the cultural mainstays, landmarks, design & heritage revolutions that have made our city.

City heroes from Jimmy Hill and John Sillett, to Steve Ogrizovic and Cyrille Regis adorn the inside of the collar

With references to the jet engine, bicycle wheel, Lady Godiva, city skyline and famous past players/managers it showcases Coventry not only as a reborn city; but also a football club back on the rise!

Here’s hoping the club can return to play in the city shortly!

As for Hummel every shirt they’ve produced for Coventry has been exceptional and tailored to us, especially after years of dull off the shelf templates.

Coventry boy Frank Whittle’s jet engine sits on the back of the collar

This is a refreshing, bold & unique shirt that will no doubt be immensely popular and go on to be a future classic, which I look forward to receiving.

If asked to describe; I’d use a simple yet effective term from my repertoire….. it’s a banger 🔥🧨


Massive thanks go to special guest and friend of Sartorial.Soccer Adi Iliff (don’t forget to follow him on Twitter – @Adi_Iliff) for sharing his views on Cov’s new kit!

If you have a shirt story for us then don’t be shy, let us know!

Sky Blues’ sponsors Jingltree’s logo sits above the Coventry skyline

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