Kit Capsule 2020: Slavia Prague’s Star Turn

One of our favourite lines from Puma’s 2020-21 “Crafted from Culture” series was this little love letter to the city of Prague.

Not many people settle for halves in a city so famed for its beer, but in the case of Slavia Prague, we just might have to make an exception.

Slavia Prague, 2020-21, kits, Puma
Slavia Prague’s 2020-21 home shirt by Puma

Slavia were founded in 1892 by medical students keen to keep their bodies fit and active, and initially the club focused on cycling before expanding into football in 1896.

Their bold Červenobílí (red and white) shirts were traditionally sewn together hence their Sešívaní (the Sewn-Ones) nickname.

The choice of those colours reflected the founders’ values and ideals, with white symbolising sportsmanship, fair-play and purity; whilst the red represented the passion and heart that Slavia should display in matches.

Slavia Prague, 2020-21, kits, Puma
Prague by Night? The away shirt carries the same details in a darker design

Puma’s home and away shirts for the 2020-21 season are a game of two halves.

On one side, Puma present a clean piece of fabric where the club’s downward pointing five-pointed star crest is allowed to . . . erm . . . star . . . without any unnecessary, superfluous details.

On the other, Slavia’s shirts incorporate a clever, bespoke pattern inspired by Prague’s astrological clock – the oldest of its kind in the world – which represents all of the club’s fans through the 12 signs of the zodiac (you have to applaud the marketing).

Slavia Prague, 2020-21, kits, Puma
What’s your sign? The finer, intricate details from Slavia’s shirts reference the city of Prague’s astrological clock

Official versions of the shirt are available for sale without sponsor, offering a timeless collector’s piece for fans of Slavia Prague and football shirt fans in general, however the team itself have been wearing the logo of Chinese conglomerate, CITIC group.

No matter your sign, and unless you follow Sparta or Bohemians, we think there’s a little something for everyone on this shirt.

What do you think of Puma’s “Crafted by Culture” kits for Slavia Prague?

Please let us know in the comments section below!

Slavia Prague, 2020-21, kits, Puma
A Puma promo image connecting Slavia to the city of Prague and her culture

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