Kit Capsule 2020: Queen’s Park Away by Admiral

Good on Queen’s Park and Admiral for celebrating 120 years of league football with the release of a fairly stoical away kit.

The standard thing to do when toasting a big anniversary with a football shirt is to flashback to the club’s original colours, write the name of every man, woman and child ever to enter the ground across the middle; and then embellish it all with a gold trim, laurels and embroidered proclamations of glory in Latin.

Praise be then to Scotland’s oldest club for coming up with something far more individual and down to earth.

Queen's Park fc, Admiral, 2020-21, away, kit
Queen’s Park’s 2020-21 away kit by Admiral

The Spiders leave it all on show here.

Featuring more than 4,000 dots, each depicting the result of a match from their history in red, amber and green, our first impressions of this shirt were; “oh my, there’s an awful lot of red isn’t there?”

Queen's Park fc, Admiral, 2020-21, away, kit
Green dots signify a win, amber a draw and red a loss

The RAG status is organised onto a blue top with orange trim, that carries the design over to the back and places Queen’s Park’s badge front and centre of the shirt.

Orange shorts and blue socks complete the full kit from Admiral, which all fizzes along quite nicely with the logo of sponsors Irn-Bru.

Demand for Admiral’s historical kit has far outstripped expectations

For the first 152 years of their history, Queen’s Park remained staunchly amateur until a 2019 vote decided that to remain competitive and secure their future, they would switch to part-time status.

Among other benefits that should mean that the Hampden Park outfit can finally command transfer fees for academy graduates like Liverpool and Scotland defender Andy Robertson.

Like Irn-Bru, this kit may not be to everyone’s tastes, but after a successful launch and public support for the novelty of the design, the Glasgow club have been rushed of their feet trying to keep up with demand for the shirt, leading to what their shop describes as “by far the busiest period in its history.”

Depending on your perspective on life, you may see more red than green

So there you have it, a warts-and-all football shirt toasting the records of the world’s oldest football club outside of England and Wales, goes on to become one of the most popular jerseys in their history.

Now isn’t there a humble kind of glory to that?

Is Queen’s Park’s away strip by Admiral a hit or miss?

Please let us know in the comments section below!

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