Kit of the Week #89: Bohs’ Make Big Statement with Fontaines DC

Bohemian Football Club have made a habit of making big statements with their away shirts in recent years and their new number, supported by Dublin band Fontaines DC, is no exception.

Bohs are Dublin’s oldest League of Ireland club and are proud to be a fan-owned, socially conscious club, passionate about working within their local community.

Bohemians, Fontaines DC, Dublin
Bohemian FC’s 2021 away shirt by O’Neills

Following on from last season’s bold, affirmative “Refugees Welcome” statement and the famous “Bob Marley” shirt of 2019, Bohemians’ partnership with O’Neills continues in the same confident fashion with a jersey that highlights the injustice of homelessness.

The club will donate 15% of all proceeds to Focus Ireland.

The 2021 Bohemians away shirt itself is a tribute to a shared love of the city of Dublin between the club and Fontaines DC, featuring a number of intricate details as well as knowing nods to Irish culture that elevate these white shirts with dark red pinstripes and trim.

Bohemians, Fontaines DC, Dublin
O’Neills have cleverly adapted their logo to reflect the skyline of Dublin bay

The half-fish, half-horse, hippocampus lamps that illuminate the Grattan Bridge are represented in the form of a small tag on the front of the shirt, whilst we see the two “L’s” of the O’Neills logo extended to depict the Poolbeg stacks, an industrial landmark of the city previously celebrated by U2 in the video for Pride (In The Name Of Love).

The inside of the collar boasts the line “Dublin In The Rain is Mine,” the opening lyric from Fontaines DC’s song “Big.”

Bohemians, Fontaines DC, Dublin
The opening line from Fontaines DC’s Big is etched into the inside collar

The final, proud detail on the back of the shirt is a quote from the Irish school-teacher who became a hero of the independence movement, Patrick Pearse – “Beware of the Risen People.”

As Bohemians declare on their own website, homelessness does not need to be accepted and must not be normalised and we applaud the use of their shirts to highlight social issues that resonate across the world and far beyond their Dalymount home

Bohemians, Fontaines DC, Dublin
A quote from Patrick Pearse adorns the back of the shoulders

The “DC” from the grammy-nominated bands’ name is an homage to Dublin City and we can’t help but feel that when life allows us to return to “normal” pursuits like going to gigs and football matches again, there will be a few Bohemians shirts on display at Fontaines DC concerts!

You can buy Bohemians’ 2021 away shirt and support Focus Ireland’s work here.

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