Saturday Shout-Out: Kitscene’s Euro 2020 Keepsake!

With the “year late Euros” reaching their thrilling conclusion, we’re sending a Saturday afternoon shout-out to the good people behind Kitscene magazine and their special edition Euro 2020 preview!

This summer’s tournament has been a feast for football fans with the strips on display across the 24 qualifying nations really helping to shape the spectacle.

Kitscene, Euro 2020, Holland
Shirts old and new from all 24 qualifiers are featured in Kitscene’s Euro 2020 preview

In celebration of a European Championships like no other, our friends at Kitscene magazine collaborated with a host of retro-football shirt enthusiasts to produce a special “Community Edition” where each contributor presents the story of a shirt from their collection.

It’s football shirts old and new and the memories behind them that are the real stars on display here.

Kitscene, Euro 2020, Holland, France
Kitscene’s Euro 2020 preview features cool illustrations from Arley Byrne

The 44-page preview with a twist covers everything from the Tartan Army’s 1978 Scotland top by Umbro, right through to modern-day favourites like Nike’s mountainous Slovakia shirt from this year’s finals.

We were absolutely delighted to join the Kitscene team’s stellar list of kit connoisseur collaborators (there’s far too many to mention!) with our take on Russia’s shirt from the 2018 World Cup.

Kitscene, Euro 2020, Russia
We were delighted to share our memories of this wonderful piece of polyester with Kitscene

There’s even room for a wistful “Wish You Were Here” section as the Kitscene team remember friends from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland who didn’t reach the pan-European tournament.

This handy tournament accompaniment provides a cool guide to the fixtures and locations of each game and acts as an appetiser for Kitscene’s first full issue which we are told is coming very soon!

Kitscene, Euro 2020, Ireland, Northern Ireland
There’s even a nod to neighbours who didn’t make it to Euro 2020

Kitscene’s Euro 2020 preview is the “Fabric of Football in Full Colour” and is the perfect accompaniment to this summer’s finals.

You can buy and treasure it forever as a keepsake of the finals in print for just £5.95 (plus postage), or order it as a free digital download here.

Kitscene, Euro 2020
Kitscene’s Euro 2020 preview is available for download or as a special keepsake of the finals

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