Kit Capsule 2021: Is that Madrid or Margate?

You know that feeling you get when you feel like you’ve been somewhere, or seen something somewhere before?

Back in the summer, Real Madrid and adidas released their new navy and gold away shirt, which reminded us of two things.

Firstly, these colours instantly bring to mind those shiny shirts worn by Roberto Carlos, Raul & Co back in the 1998-99 season.

Real Madrid’s 2021-22 away shirt by adidas

Secondly, they, erm . . . remind us of Margate.

Well of course they remind us of Margate!

Don’t they remind you of Margate?

Margate’s graffiti style home shirt

Last year, the Isthmian League – Premier Division club, released their latest collaboration with local artist and creative director, Luke McLean, O’Neill’s and their sponsors, The Libertines.

That collection of home, away and goalkeeper shirts, with their graffiti style scrawlings, captured the band’s anarchic energy and became one of the year’s most popular Non-League kit releases.

Real’s men and women will wear the new away shirt design

Real Madrid’s 2021-22 away shirt carries some of that same energy and is credited by adidas as being inspired by the city’s hip, bohemian neighbourhood of Malasaña.

The streets of Malasaña are packed with bars and cafes catering to a creative and diverse crowd of artists, who’s work can be seen spray-painted across the walls of the district’s courtyards, historic squares and increasingly expensive apartment buildings.

According to adidas, this shirt “embodies the rebellious optimism of madridista creators” and is an “expression of where football and the city’s culture meet.”

Three guys hanging out in a non-graffitied area of Madrid

There’s only so much anyone should ever do with a Real Madrid shirt which means their change kits offer a chance to do something different.

Nowadays, in this post Nigeria 2018 world, it’s not enough to provide players with a well-cut kit with an appealing colour combination.

Football shirts need to have a certain street credibility about them.

The graffiti tag on the back of the collar

Whether we believe the bumpf or not, this is a smart and seemingly popular away shirt that effortlessly fits into their collection of kits and comes in a well established set of club colours.

We just can’t make our minds up if we like it or not.

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