Kit of the Week #48: Los Xolos Use the Force . . . Look Like Charlys

A long time ago . . .

. . . (OK, last Friday night) . . .

. . . in a galaxy far, far away . . .

. . . (OK, Tijuana, Mexico) . . .

. . . Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente debuted a Star Wars themed novelty football kit.

Arousing kit nerds and cos-play geeks from Tijuana to Tatooine, the shirts were big news when they were released last week and we feel duty bound to squeeze a review of them in our pages.

The shirts consist of a stormtrooper style goalkeeper kit and a red and black home kit inspired by the film franchise’s latest tortured baddie, Kylo Ren.

The shirts were produced to promote Disney’s next instalment in the Star Wars saga and were worn by Los Xolos in a mortifying 4-0 home defeat to Monterrey.

Perhaps they got what they deserved?

We love the wonderfully weird world of Mexican football shirts and there’s an amazing degree of variety across Liga MX.

Los Xolos, Star Wars, Charly
Los Xolos stormtrooper ‘keeper’s top

Enough people understand that the black and white stormtrooper helmet is a cinematic design classic and the goalkeeper kit at least is out of this world.

However, the Kylo Ren inspired home kit in Los Xolos’ red and black colours doesn’t feel dark or threatening at all and if anything, it just looks like the kind of pyjamas a seven year old boy might wear.

Los Xolos badge
Los Xolos’ badge includes a hairless Mexican dog

This is not the first time Hollywood studios have influenced football kits, and we immediately thought of the superb sponsorship deal Atletico Madrid once struck, which saw their kits feature a wide array of film titles from Spiderman to Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.

Atlético Madrid, Spiderman
One of Atléti’s comic book kits

We’re not huge fans of these shirts by Charly but do have a soft-spot for Los Xolos, that incredible crest and their regular home uniforms.

Call us killjoys, but these Star Wars kits are the football shirt equivalent of wearing a novelty tie in the office and far more akin to Jar Jar Binks than the coolness of Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon.

Los Xoloitzcuintles tried to use the force, but ended up looking like a bunch of Charlys.

Los Xolos, Star Wars, Charly
Los Xolos’ Star Wars themed novelty shirt
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