Kit of the Week #58: Collieries’ Kitsch Collaboration

Atherton Collieries have recorded a major hit with a set of special edition shirts to mark the release of local band The Lottery Winners’ debut album.

Colls wore pink and black rather than their traditional black and white stripes in tribute to the The Lottery Winners’ album cover for Saturday’s much-needed 2-0 victory over Grantham Town.

Atherton Collieries and The Lottery Winners line up at Alder House

The Northern Premier League Premier Division side collaborated with the group to produce the one-off kits, with Bands FC, Hope & Glory and RWC Design each picking up supporting instruments.

The one-off Colls kit by Hope & Glory

The shirts feature Bands FC’s re-imagining of the Greater Manchester club’s colliery wheel crest, with the Lottery Winners name taking centre stage for one game only.

As wonderful as those bright pink kits are, it’s the Kew Gardens style goalkeeper kit which really caught our eye.

Wow. Just wow.

Colls’ keeper Danny Taberner got to wear this gloriously garish green floral kit, which looks a lot like that kitsch cheese plant themed wallpaper your auntie had in the 1970s.

Hope & Glory’s goalkeeper kit is inspired by the band’s single Hawaii and the group even performed songs from their upcoming album in the clubhouse after the game.

Classic Kitsch Kit

Both kits are sure to be a hit with connoisseurs of football shirts and music alike and will be made available by limited edition from Hope & Glory’s website.

Bands FC and RWC Design logos feature on the back of the keeper kit

The Lottery Winners’ self-titled debut album is released on Friday 13th March.

Check out Hawaii by The Lottery Winners here 👇

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