200 Up!

Welcome to our 200th post on Sartorial.Soccer!

We’re closing in on 2 years since we launched the site back in the summer of 2018.

Back then, World Cup fever was sweeping the planet, football shirts were beautiful again, and Gareth Southgate was busy reclaiming the waistcoast from the world of snooker.

Our mission has always been to celebrate the art of the football shirt and the memories they stir in us, whether they be good, bad or downright ugly.

Over the past 199 articles, we’ve covered 100’s of old and new shirts from non-league to the Champions League, and have been thrilled to have featured so many guest stories from fans with a tale to tell about why a particular kit is so important and memorable to them.

This pat-on-the-back post would not be complete without a big “thank you” to everyone who has supported us over the past couple of years, whether that be by following us on social media, suggesting a shirt to cover, sharing our articles with friends; or by giving feedback on where we might have needed to correct a detail or two – Thank You!

The last few weeks and months have been a tough time for so many of us, and all that is left to say is that we hope you are staying safe and healthy and that we can all be celebrating goals in stadiums again soon.

Take care. X

Thanks for all of your support – stay safe and well – here’s to the next 200!

2 thoughts on “200 Up!

  1. You replied to this comment.

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    1. Ha ha! A very, very important 0.5% Andrew!

      Must get out more . . .

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