Aspulliter’s Kit Rant

Regular contributor to Sartorial.Soccer, Steve Halliwell (aka Aspulliter on social media) told us he needed to let of steam about something, so we’re happy to give him the space to do so – even if we are completely guilty of the charges he brings before us!

Over to you Steve!

“New Kit Release” is splashed, nay shouted all over social media from clubs, manufacturers, websites, blogs and social media.

Wrong, 90% of the time it is just the shirt shown with the promotional blurb, it should be re-titled “New Shirt Release.”

Italy, Renaissance, Puma, 3rd Kit
Nice wallpaper. What about the socks?

The shorts and socks get a bad deal in the ho-ha, with the majority of the net content, which usually only presents the top and not the full attire.

The vast majority of the shirts look better with the accompanying garments so you can view the overall look of the club in their swanky new gear.

I appreciate it is the top half that draws virtually all the sales and that is what rakes the cash in, but it would be nice to see everything instead of forlorn models posing on town hall steps for the casual look in the new shirt and a pair of jeans.

Barcelona, Nike, 2019-20, home shirt
“Lovely hiking boots, but where’s Barca’s shorts and socks?”

I cannot fathom why club’s don’t show the whole picture of their range when it has no negative effect on the product.

My favourite ever Wigan Athletic shirt, the Puma 1995 JJB version is a cracker but when shown with the shorts and hooped socks it is sublime, probably/possibly one of the best kits to have graced a football field.

A bold biased statement but surely logical, good minded kit aficionados must agree on this occasion that more is better when viewing a club’s colours.

Milan, Puma, 2019-20, shirt
“You look left, you look right, you just stare at the camera.”

I should really apologise for this rant but it does irk me having to do searches to find out what the new shorts and socks look like.

Incidently the websites and twitter accounts of True Colours by John Devlin, Kitbliss with Chris Oakley and Museum of Jerseys with Denis Hurley nearly always show the complete kits on their pages.

Derby County, Puma, Tosh Lines, Kit, Release, Launch
DC Tosh Lines from The Bill joins Derby County to show how you should release a football kit

He’s right you know!

So here’s a New Year’s resolution, in 2021 and beyond, we will make sure we give fairer representation for shorts and socks on Sartorial.Soccer!

AS Roma, away shirt, Nike
Hang on . . . What the actual @*&#?!

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