Kit of the Week: Best of 2020

Our Kit of the Week feature is where we explore the best new kits, wonderful one-offs, limited edition shirts, and great designs that have featured in big, big performances.

We’re talking giant-killing feats.

We’re talking novelty shirts.

We’re talking football kits with stories behind them.

Essentially, it’s our excuse to share our thoughts on any strip that caught our eye over that past week.

Memories are made of Polyester

Confession time, we don’t always do a Kit of the Week and there are some weeks when two great-looking shirts grab our attention in the space of 7 days so we crow-bar a couple of kits in just to see if anyone notices.

Nobody ever notices.

It’s also fair to say that most of the time, we focus on football shirts rather than full kits with shorts and socks. Sorry, that’s just how it goes sometimes, and in any case, “Piece of Kit of the Week” or “Shirt of the Week” just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it!

Without further ado, here’s a short selection of our favourite stories from 2020 that made it into our Kit of the Week vaults:

Red Star FC by Adidas

Parisiens Red Star FC partnered with design collective Acid FC for an inspirational football shirt that told the history of France’s second oldest club in the 18th century “Toile de Jouy” style of fabrics and wallpaper.

READ MORE HERE: Kit of the Week #67: Red Star, Raconte-Moi Ton Histoire!

Look closer and Red Star FC’s new shirts show the club’s history from Jules Rimet to present day

Bristol City Home Goalkeeper Shirt

Hummel did what they do best for Bristol City this summer, giving them a modern take on one of the game’s greatest goalkeeper shirts.

There’s unmistakable shades of Peter Schmeichel here, and for at least, this was their shirt of the year never mind week!

READ MORE HERE: Kit of the Week #69: Robins’ Schmeichel Re-Boot

Who says we don’t like ‘keeper kits?

Glasgow Wellington by Appin Sport

A tribute to the Glaswegian sense of humour and a representation of one of Britain’s heroes of the Napoleonic wars . . . with a traffic cone on his head.

We don’t mind the size of the club here at Sartorial.Soccer, if a football shirt is good looking, we want you to know about it and enjoy it with us.

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Glasgow Wellington FC

The Forward Madison “Drip” Alternate Kit

Forward Madison’s alternate jersey for 2020 perfectly captures the independent, new wave spirit sweeping through the game Stateside.

A shirt that stirred the world of football shirts out of its lockdown hiatus, we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for this swirling work of multi-coloured inspiration.

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Forward Madison’s 2020 Alternate kit

Atherton Collieries

We’ll end our brief run-down of some of our favourite, more esoteric kits, with this criminally over-looked collaboration between Bands FC, Hope & Glory and RWC Design.

In our eyes, Atherton Collieries recorded a major hit with this set of special edition shirts to mark the release of local band The Lottery Winners’ debut album.

Check out this egg-plant inspired goalkeeper shirt!

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Atherton Collieries’ ‘keeper kit looked like it was straight out of Kew Gardens

We’ll be back soon with more kits we know you’ll love, but in the meantime, why not follow us via the links below?

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