Kit of the Week #36: Different Gravy for Bedale

In possibly the most anticipated sausage related football shirt release of the year, Bedale AFC have revealed their “Bangers & Mash” themed away kits for the season ahead.

Featuring peas, mash potato and a gravy boat pouring every Northern boy’s favourite sauce onto the socks; Bedale’s porky new strips will raise vital funds to fight prostate cancer.

Bedale AFC, Sausage, Mash, Kit
Not just taking the peas: Bedale AFC’s sausage kits are for a good cause

Bedale AFC from Yorkshire’s North Riding Football League are sponsored by sausage makers Heck and this is the 3rd time the club have made a play for the title of world’s worst (or should that be wurst?) football shirt.

Last year’s hot dog flavoured shirts with ketchup and mustard brought international attention to Bedale and drew comparisons with the most terrible football kits the world has ever seen – but this year’s designs really take the peas.

Bedale AFC, 2018-19, Hot Dog, Kit
Bedale wore a hot dog themed away shirt last season, with goalkeeper kits featuring a barbecue grill

Celebrating bad football kits isn’t something we’re unaccustomed to at Sartorial.Soccer, especially when they are for a good cause.

If you want to pick one of these Bedale bangers up for yourself then head to Historic Football Shirts to place your order and support Prostate Cancer UK.

Bedale AFC
Bedale AFC’s banger of an away kit

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