Kit of the Week #82: Nike’s Stunning Saudi Arabia Shirts

This week’s international break saw the official release of Nike’s stunning new Saudi Arabia shirts.

Based on the national emblem of Saudi Arabia, the palm tree, Nike’s home and away shirts each feature an intricate pattern of leaves in the country’s white and green/green and white colours.

The un-be-leaf-able (sorry) pattern is most distinct on the Green Falcons’ away shirt and is certainly a sight to behold.

Saudi Arabia, away, kit, Nike, 2020-21
Saudi Arabia’s new away kit by Nike

These shirts are so bold and brave they almost match that famous Saeed Al-Owairan goal from the 1994 World Cup for sheer individual flair and audacity (go and ask your Dad).

Part football shirt, part Hawaiian shirt, this is yet another impressive print to add to Nike’s growing roster of wild international designs.

Saudi Arabia, away, kit, Nike, 2020-21
Just 3 guys hanging out

The new shirts for the three-time Asian Cup champions had been heavily leaked before this week’s release, and the white home kit was worn in the second match of a double-header with Jamaica on Tuesday night in Riyadh.

Having beaten the Reggae Boyz 3-0 in their old shirts in the first match, sadly the new Nike kit didn’t make a winning start as the Saudis lost 2-1 in the second of the international friendlies.

Saudi Arabia, away, kit, Nike, 2020-21
Saudi Arabia wore their new home shirt against Jamaica

Part of a growing trend for football shirts inspired by, and routed in culture, this sensational Saudi Arabia strip is also part of a growing sub-genre of Kit of the Week posts featuring leaves.

No, seriously . . . Check these out.

What do you think of Nike’s new Saudi Arabia shirts?

Please let us know in the comments section below!

Saudi Arabia, away, kit, Nike, 2020-21
Look’s happy doesn’t he?

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